I strive to keep the public informed and holding those in power to account, using a transdisciplinary approach, conscientiousness, and courage.

About me

Bang Xiao


Bang Xiao is a journalist known for his commitment to factual reporting and in-depth analysis. His work spans a range of topics, from political unrest to cultural trends, always focusing on the impact of these issues on society. Xiao’s reporting style is straightforward and precise, making complex subjects accessible to a broad audience. He has built a reputation for his thorough research and ability to present stories with clarity and context.

Xiao’s contributions to journalism are recognized for bringing important issues to the forefront, engaging readers with both the facts and the human stories behind them.

With a career dedicated to uncovering the truth, Bang Xiao continues to influence the field of journalism. His work not only informs the public but also encourages a deeper understanding of the world.

✉️  bang@xiao.au
📍  Melbourne, Australia


One of Xiao’s notable achievements includes winning the Melbourne Press Club’s Quill Award for Reporting on Multicultural Affairs for his in-depth coverage of trafficking and exploitation under the radar of Australia’s migration system. His series of reports shed light on the complexities of the problem, bringing international attention to the diverse aspects of the phenomenon.


New South Wales Premier’s Multicultural Media Award (Best Print Report)

Wuhan Evacuation

Highly Commended


Melbourne Press Club Quill Award (Multicultural Affairs Reporting)

Hidden in Plain Sight



Melbourne Press Club Quill Award (Innovation Reporting)

Hidden in Plain Sight

Highly Commended