Bilingual journalist with expertise in OSINT and Chinese politics.

I am an award-winning journalist and supervising producer at ABC Chinese. I am known for my coverage on China as well as its influence in Australia. My reporting covers a wide range of issues, from Chinese censorship and rising nationalism to the turmoils in Hong Kong and Xinjiang, and Beijing’s diplomacy in the Asia-Pacific region.

In my role as a bilingual reporter in ABC’s Asia Pacific Newsroom, my three-year investigation into Australia’s illegal visa sponsorship and systemic human-trafficking and exploitation was recognised with the 2021 Quill Award for Reporting on Multicultural Affairs.

Journalistic expertise

I view journalism not just as a profession, but as a lifestyle — it’s an exploration that extends beyond mere facts to embrace a world of diverse perspectives.

Nuanced coverage

I consider a story’s scope, purpose, and value before I report. My approach to journalism is characterised by a deep commitment to uncovering the often-hidden facts and presenting them with accuracy and sensitivity.

Open source investigation

Trained by the renowned Bellingcat in open source investigation (OSINT), I stand out as one of the few Chinese-speaking journalists with a unique proficiency in gathering and analysing information from Chinese-language sources. This expertise is particularly valuable in my in-depth reporting on China.

News analysis

My news analysis on China and Australia-China relations was based on my expertise in dissecting complex geopolitical issues, providing insightful, well-researched perspectives that bridge the divide between the two nations.

On screen

My TV presence expands my journalistic expertise to political commentary and analysis for video on demand (VOD) and TV programs, mirroring the insightful, nuanced analysis I am known for in my digital work.

Best Coverage

I craft each story into an engaging narrative, articulating complex subjects into words that are sensible, understandable and informative.

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